Inspire Pilates and Fitness offers clients of all ages and fitness levels group classes and private instruction in a beautiful and relaxing studio. We are a fully equipped studio with state of the art equipment offering private instruction, semi-private, and small group instruction for apparatus based pilates. Our small group classes allow our clients the personal attention they need to begin or deepen their practice. We want to help clients feel and be their best.  Our studio continues to grow as we expand on our offerings.  Through pilates we are dedicated to inspiring health and wellness to our community.  Our warm and friendly atmosphere is a place people can join to learn, have fun and challenge themselves.



​​​​​​Kim Woolley

Kim is a fully certified pilates instructor through Balanced Body University. She is also a fully certified Movement Specialist through BBU. Her expertise is in functional movement. Her true passion is helping teach people to function more freely and efficiently in their bodies. Kim was a former personal trainer for many years through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She completed her Certified Personal trainer certification through their highly recognized program. She is a certified Booty Barre instructor through world-renowned fitness and wellness expert Tracey Mallett. Kim has always enjoyed health and fitness.  She was a gymnastics instructor for many years teaching different age  and fitness levels. She enjoyed helping children achieve their fitness goals. Her mission was to help them have confidence within themselves. Also to create excitement to move, to feel strong, and to be fit and healthy. Kim has been an avid runner for over twenty five years.  She competed in many half marathons and was able to fulfill her lifelong dream of running the NYC Marathon. Although years of running made her feel strong, along came tight muscles and injuries.  But soon after discovering Pilates she was able to feel more balanced and flexible. She knew right away she wanted to learn more. She felt the wonderful benefits pilates provided and wanted to share this with others.  Kim was active for many years doing cardio workouts, whether it be running, biking or spinning but pilates is what really changed her body.  The mind body connection became a lifestyle for her and still does each and everyday.  Kim truly enjoys sharing her passion for fitness. Whether it be teaching a class or working with a client individually she enjoys helping people see results.  She enjoys educating her clients so they learn the tools they can use in their everyday lives.  She has worked with a wide variety of clients over the past 16 years. She has helped her athletic clients maintain flexibility and strength and those with back pain and injuries move with ease and less discomfort.  Sessions are fun and challenging and designed to each individual's needs. Kim's clients are very important to her. She enjoys helping them connect to their bodies and to have the skills pilates can bring into their lives; at home, at work and at play. She hopes to inspire others so healthy movement becomes their way of life. Kim is proud to own Inspire Pilates and Fitness.  She hopes the warm and inviting studio will be a place many people will enjoy coming to.

Kim enjoys spending time with her children, husband, family and friends.  

Alisa Carbone​ 

Alisa is a fully certified pilates instructor through Balanced Body University. She is also a certified Piyo Live Instructor through Beach Body. Alisa also works as a radiological technologist. After 25 years of working as an MRI technician she decided to diversify into Pilates as a way of assisting people to overcome the aches and pains of activity and aging.  After personal experience overcoming numerous training injuries she found that pilates is an excellent compliment to a physically active lifestyle. Working with a wide variety of clients who have full range of goals and limitations she can customize each workout to suit every individual.

Alisa is an avid runner.  She is a 3 time finisher of the Boston Marathon; 2010, 2011 and 2014. Another great accomplishment was the Ironman in 2011. When not working out or working as a pilates instructor she enjoys spending time with friends and family.