‚Äč "My husband and I have been going to Inspire Pilates and Fitness for about a year> our first reaction was amazement! We could not believe there was such a beautiful, well equipped studio just 10 minutes from our home.  Prior to finding Inspire, we had been driving from New York City for our pilates sessions.  At Inspire Pilates and Fitness, we have taken weekly duet sessions with Kim Woolley. Kim has done an excellent job working with us simultaneously despite the fact that my husband and I have very different exercising preferences and backgrounds, he likes to run and I like yoga.  Kim has taught us both to become more mindful of our bodies.  My husband(who is a medical doctor)really respects Kim's understanding of how to work the different muscle groups without injury.  The classes and sessions at Inspire Pilates and Fitness have surpassed our expectations.  To the point that we think Inspire is far better that the renowned studio in the city where we used to go.  Through Inspire Pilates and Fitness we have become more flexible, we have developed a powerful core, and above all, we have had a lot of fun."

                                                                                                              - Teresa

"I have been taking private pilates lessons with Kim at Inspire Pilates and Fitness for the last year and it truly has been the best experience I have had at any pilates studio or fitness facility.  Over the last year,  I have learned to walk differently and taller, my core strength has improved immeasurably, my flexibility is stunningly better, I have lost 15 pounds and my overall health and fitness is remarkably better.  Kim is a wonderful teacher and every single session is personalized and different.  She really cares about each of her clients  My private sessions with Kim are always one of the highlights of my week, they are both calming and have inspired a whole set of lifestyle changes that have improved my sense of well being in every way."


"I'm writing to tell you how wonderful I feel since I have been training with you in both pilates and Booty Barre.  When I started about 2 1/2 months ago I felt like a broken person.  I could not lose weight no matter how often I got on the treadmill.  I had difficulty walking for any length of time due to a herniated disc.  My metabolism was zero.  I was out of alignment and completely out of sorts.  I was the heaviest I have been since I was pregnant sixteen years ago.  I was looking for an exercise program that would work in conjunction with my injuries, stressing low impact and safety, and help me improve my daily activities.  I have been so blessed since I walked into your studio that day.  Pilates has improved my posture and alignment and is teaching me how to move with purpose, strength and grace.  I no longer crawl into bed at the end of the day riddled in pain.  I'm also glad I have incorporated Booty Barre, which has made me lose at least five inches in my waist and hips each!  As I write this I am down two pants sizes and one dress size.  You are completely supportive every time I am in the studio making sure my form is correct and providing inspiration all the time.  I now know why it's called Inspire Pilates and Fitness!!!  Thank you Kim for making me stronger, leaner than I've ever been."


My Booty Barre story starts like most, the desire to lose weight.  I am 21 years old and in college so my body and health were no longer a priority, so I thought.  I was an avid ballet dancer for 15 years and competitive cheerleader.  After seeing that my body was not able to do with ease only four years ago I knew something had to change.  I started going to the gym, but did not enjoy that at all.  About a month ago my aunt told me she was attending a pilates class down the street from my house so I was willing to give it a try, ad WOW! I fell in love with Booty Barre!  Going into Kim's Booty Barre class for the first time I was not really sure what to expect.  Kim helped me feel so comfortable I couldn't help but come back.  Kim's classes are so motivating and fun.  I find that at each class I am getting a real understanding of my movement's as well as try to challenge myself every week.  I find my core, my backside, and my balance has improved tremendously and it has only been a month!  Kim is so encouraging and always helping me improve.  I am so happy I walked into class a few Monday's ago.  I look forward to work out now and I leave wanting more!  I can now say my body is starting to do things I was once able to do and I have lost 13 pounds and counting.  The Booty Barre changed my life and I have to say it was all thanks to Kim's hospitality and great inspiration."